Who’s Responsible?

I know that I’ve been away for toooo long, but I was busy being “personally responsible”.

However, how could I not make a post about the latest developments in the news surrounding the influx of immigrant children flooding the US border unaccompanied by their parent or any adult supervision. I have to say first, my heart goes out to the children for whatever caused them to enter the United States illegally (abandonment, sex trafficking, threats from drug cartels, poverty). It’s sad. It is always the responsibility of the parent (s) to fend for their child. That is never going to change. That being said, how can I put it, It is not the responsibility of the American people to take care of these children. So why is the Obama Administration making taxpayers responsible??????


I get the need to practice humanitarianism, the moral obligation. However, there are a lot of ways to practice it, in this situation, without taking on the full burden of managing this crisis, like making their countries of origin responsible or at the least “billing” that country for the care and accommodations made on behalf of the refugees. I know what critics of this view will say, how would you like it if it were your family that was this desperate? In response I would ask, how many countries did most of these children migrate through before they reached the United States? Someone, the government of the other countries or some adult, helped them along the way. Guaranteed. The United States needs to reevaluate the complex it seems to have for being everyone’s hero.

It’s like an adult child constantly returning home to his parents for support. At some point, the parents have to practice tough love and say, “No. Not this time.” How else with that person learn to stand on his own? This doesn’t make the parents bad or cruel “un-humanitarian”. It helps make them person independent and strong.

What I’m about to say is sure to be unpopular, but what the hell? I don’t believe for one second that those who sent these children or the adults who breach the borders everyday only do it out of desperation. I would argue that most are taking advantage of the “faulty immigration laws” and humanitarian practices of this country. They know we will feed them, they know we will shelter them, and give them medical care, asking nothing in return.

If our government doesn’t hold those responsible to these children and their governments accountable, where will we Americans flee to when poverty infects our nation because we can no longer afford to care for our citizens because we’ve bled our coffers dry caring for another nation’s citizens?

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Too Much!!

A news story has been bothering me over that last couple of days.  It’s the one in the news about the 18 year old girl who sued her parents for support after she was kicked out or left her parent’s home on her own free will.  She was looking for them to continue to support her financially, so that she can keep up with the lifestyle she was privileged to have in their home. What bothers me is not that the teen attempted to “screw over” only the people who gave her life, but the father of her friend who was suckered into paying her legal fees to initiate the foolish claim. For me, it doesn’t matter whether she was put out or kicked up. 

I’m sure whatever led up to either scenario was a result of her entitled, spoiled, out of control behavior.  Sure her parents, perhaps created a monster, but how is the superman dad helping this young woman by helping her push the blame on her parents and not accept responsibility for her OWN selfish actions.  I don’t know about you guys, but when my mother spoke, whatever she said was the law of the land in her house if we wanted to eat and sleep there.  And I was cool with that, but my sister wasn’t and she was promptly “put out” too.

So her parents failed her by likely giving her everything she wanted, when she wanted it, and how she wanted it and now the two-headed monster is coming out now that they want to implement house rules.  But why does the friend’s dad further fail this girl by “gassing” her up and footing the legal fees.  By the way, he’s an attorney him.  Why not take her case pro bono, since you want to help?  Just a thought.

The judge was absolutely right in not affirming this ridiculousness and sending the message that just any kid can sue his parents and win if he doesn’t get what he wants.  Too bad “little miss” had to be publicly embarrassed to get the message her parents should have taught her when she was two and screaming for a popsicle before she had her dinner.

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What’s the price of minimum wage?

Don’t get me wrong.  I believe everyone should have equal opportunities to reach levels in life they’ve always dreamed of, but just because I believe it, doesn’t mean everyone will.  That’s unfortunate. 

Many of you may have heard of the recent talks and decisions regarding the increases in minimum wage.  There’s been much debate about what’s fair and what’s unfair from all sides of the issue.  Some have been accused of being greedy or entitled, while others have been called heartless, stingy,  and insensitve.  Well, here’s my side.  Federal minimum wage standards were first enacted in 1938, when wages were set at a measly $0.25 per hour.  While I believe there should be an increase, in 71 years minimum wages have only moved up $7.00, it has to be fair. 

The fact is, the proposed increase to minimum wages will come across the board.  No worker will be left out, including those who haven’t performed well, report to work late, disrespect their supervisors, and to those who don’t exactly provide “customer service” in the customer service industry.  Is that fair?  Is it fair that I and many others made the financial sacrafice, choosing to pursue higher education in order to increase our earning potential, only to be lumped into the same economic category as those who could have either cared less about going to college, were too lazy to go, or didn’t want to make the same sacrafice to attend?

Some could argue with my points above, but the truth is most new graduates of higher education don’t go to work immediately into their field of study and most don’t immediately earn the salaries they expected to have.  So after years of hard work and sacrafice they’re rewarded with a starting salary of $12-$14 an hour.  Hey, but wait isn’t that the same amount workers in the service industry are demanding they earn?  If fact, some protestors have argued they need to have a minimum of $15 per hour to support their families.  Side note:  These jobs and wages were never designed for individuals to support families.  They were created to help young people develop work ethic and build experience.  Why then should we encourage our children to do well in school and go to college if in the end  their counterparts who didn’t go their route will make the same income.  Now that’s not fair.  It’s also unfair to reward workers that who have not made efforts to stand out, even in the service industry, who don’t really won’t to grow in their fields, all because the federal government says so.

If we make the increases minimum wage workers are demanding, we pay the price initially, but also in the long run when our youth decide not to go to college and study to pursue careers in the areas that help this country compete with the rest of the world.  We also pay because we continue to lend credence to the “entitlement” mentality our citizens suffer with currently.  “I don’t have to work hard.  I don’t have to try, because the government will give it to me regardless.” 

So now we don’t even bear responsibility for how far we go in life, for what our future looks like?  Give me a break.

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Your trash is not my treasure

Hi everyone,

I apologize for the long time away.  I went away for the holidays and now I’m back.  It’s always good to come home, especially when you’ve been away for a while.  But one way to spoil a return to the home front is to come back to trash taking over your neighborhood. 

I bought my first home a few years ago, a townhouse.  It’s in an older community, but for the most part well kept neighborhood.  That is course except for the, how shall I say, the inconsiderate neighbors surrounding my humble abode.  I thought by locking in an end unit, I was somehow freeing myself of the hassel of noise and other questionable behavior offending me and my community.  When I arrived home the other day, I pulled into my assigned parking space to find that someone had vomitted, yes vomitted, in my parking space!  First of all, why was someone in my reserved spot in the first place?  Second, I’m a supposed to clean up vomit that doesn’t belong to me or my child for that matter? 

Come on folks and if that doesn’t make things worse, after the rain coveniently washed the disgusting sight away I pulled up the next day and discovered cardboard boxes, pizza boxes and gallon size milk jugs tossed about in the street and lingering in my yard. 

How  is that you ask?  Well, someone over stuffed their recycle bin on a day that was extra windy, so nature had its way.  But that’s not my problem.  My problem is that the culprit didn’t think it was necessary nor neighborly to pick up their garbage from someone else’s yard.

So let me get this straight, you didn’t know it was your trash?  No likely.  I don’t know about you all, but I can spot my trash a mile off.  I know exactly, what they thought, “it’s my trash, but I will let someone else pick it up”.  You can get any more rude or disrespectful than that, allowing someone else to clean up after you.

But isn’t that the mentality of most people now?  It’s not my problem, let someone else take care of it.  In the words of my pastor, “Would to God”!   Would to God we all owned our own mess and not leave it for some else to live with.  The world would be a better place. 

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Stop Apologizing

One of the greatest irritations I have with personal responsibility is when a person back tracks after a comment they’ve made or action they’ve taken becomes offensive to someone else.  I mean, if it really mattered to you how someone on the receiving end would handle your deed, then why did you go through with it in the first place?

It seems on a daily basis, there’s a big announcement about some public figure “re-evaluating” their statements on an issue and now extending their apologizes to those they offended.  I say, “save the apology”.  When I take a stance on an issue, I say exactly what I feel.  I’m entitled to that.  I mean it’s really all I own.  How can we allow someone else to dictate how we feel?

If we say what we mean and mean what we say, stick with it.  I assume free speech is still a tenet of this society.

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Tummy Ache

Yesterday I got into a discussion with someone about gluten free diets.  The person told me about a friend of hers who has a son with intestinal issues.  This kid is young and normal enough in the sense that he is ocassionally invited to birthday parties as most kids in elementary school are.  Well, my friend asked her mom friend what does her kid do when he goes to a playmates’ birthday party where there is sure to be non gluten free birthday cake, non gluten free ice cream, and other gluten-freeless goodies we all love to indulge in on the menu.  Mom says, “she contacts the parents hosting the party in advance and request that gluten-free items be made available at the party.”

What the heck?  Am I alone in thinking this mother is a little out of order when imposing her child’s diet limitations on the rest of the kids? I mean, who’s birthday is it anyway?  If my kid is invited to another child’s party or anywhere else, it is MY responisibility to make sure my kid gets what he needs, not anyone else’s.  He’s a guest, not the honoree and its the honoree who has the privilege of being catered to.  Most party hosts or hostsess make sure their guest are comfortable and feel welcome and never intend for anyone to feel left out, but it is almost always impossible to please everyone all of the time.

At the risk of sounding insensitive I suggest, if the party is being held at Chucky Cheese’s and your child doesn’t eat gluten,  pack a lunch or bring a gluten free pizza for your kid to enjoy? 

What is gluten anyway?

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Basic Manners

I didn’t grow up with a whole lot of direction, especially when it came down to what is or isn’t proper to say or do.  Speaking when spoken to, please, and thank you were all covered. However, somewhere along the journey my life, I’ve learned a thing or two more about being polite and courteous. 

How many of us enjoy grocery shopping?  Wow, that many, huh?   Sorry, but that hasn’t been my experience.  I’m a proud member of the minority who can think of 100 other ways to torture myself.  Long lines gathering just when I’m ready to check out are just the half of it.  The other half has got to be the rudeness of my fellow shoppers.  And it’s not just the ones looking for food.  It’s the passerbyers on the street, the mall patrons, and even the cashiers at the service counter who pretend not to see you even though you’ve been patiently waiting behind their rope barrier until they call you for nearly 5 minutes.

The other day while grocery shopping, I took a quiet, focused stance in front of the store spice shelf, in search of the cheapest brand of cinnamon for my holiday treats.  I had only been searching for about 10 tens when from the corner of my eye I notice a woman’s hand reaching past my face to grab a spice for herself.  I didn’t have any warning to look out and duck or get decked in the eye. 

Usually the warning goes something like this, “Excuse me”, but for some reason lately that combination of words has become synonymous with explicitives because NO ONE wants to use it anymore.  I mean seriously, you would think it’s down right painful for our fellow man to excuse themselves.  That is until I politely correct them.  Then there comes the “I’m sorry.”    Ma’am, I don’t want you to be sorry.  Just say excuse me.

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