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Basic Manners

I didn’t grow up with a whole lot of direction, especially when it came down to what is or isn’t proper to say or do.  Speaking when spoken to, please, and thank you were all covered. However, somewhere along the

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Teachable Moment

My son, whom I love dearly, had to learned a valuable lesson yesterday.  I came home from work, exhausted as usual,  with a pizza for dinner that the kid had been asking for all week.  I also came inside carrying a bag filled

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You can only blame your parents for so long

Everyone has a sad story related to their unfortunate childhood.  Some are truly tragic , unsettling, and sorriful to say the least.  There’s tales of teenage pregnancies caused by trusted relatives, physically abusive parents, or abandonment.  Life can be completely

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What has this society become?

What has this society become? “The mentality of our society in 2013 is nauseating to me, friends,” The blogger Stephanie Metz writes sooo accurately.  This society is shaping up to be one overrun with whimps.  That’s putting it as mildly

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