What has this society become?

What has this society become?

“The mentality of our society in 2013 is nauseating to me, friends,”

The blogger Stephanie Metz writes sooo accurately.  This society is shaping up to be one overrun with whimps.  That’s putting it as mildly as I know how.

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One comment on “What has this society become?
  1. Mlb62 says:

    I think society in general and values have gone to the wayside. People are self centered, self absorbed and anything goes. Nothing is sacred anymore! Have you ever been watching a football or baseball game with your children and had a commercial for erectile dysfunction come on? How do you exain that one to a 10 year old? Or VMA awards that kids are watching where their music idols are practically having sex on live tv? What has happened to morality…….it’s disgusting and I do t consider myself a prude Inthe least. Maybe I should just say its very sad………..

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