Basic Manners

I didn’t grow up with a whole lot of direction, especially when it came down to what is or isn’t proper to say or do.  Speaking when spoken to, please, and thank you were all covered. However, somewhere along the journey my life, I’ve learned a thing or two more about being polite and courteous. 

How many of us enjoy grocery shopping?  Wow, that many, huh?   Sorry, but that hasn’t been my experience.  I’m a proud member of the minority who can think of 100 other ways to torture myself.  Long lines gathering just when I’m ready to check out are just the half of it.  The other half has got to be the rudeness of my fellow shoppers.  And it’s not just the ones looking for food.  It’s the passerbyers on the street, the mall patrons, and even the cashiers at the service counter who pretend not to see you even though you’ve been patiently waiting behind their rope barrier until they call you for nearly 5 minutes.

The other day while grocery shopping, I took a quiet, focused stance in front of the store spice shelf, in search of the cheapest brand of cinnamon for my holiday treats.  I had only been searching for about 10 tens when from the corner of my eye I notice a woman’s hand reaching past my face to grab a spice for herself.  I didn’t have any warning to look out and duck or get decked in the eye. 

Usually the warning goes something like this, “Excuse me”, but for some reason lately that combination of words has become synonymous with explicitives because NO ONE wants to use it anymore.  I mean seriously, you would think it’s down right painful for our fellow man to excuse themselves.  That is until I politely correct them.  Then there comes the “I’m sorry.”    Ma’am, I don’t want you to be sorry.  Just say excuse me.

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