Tummy Ache

Yesterday I got into a discussion with someone about gluten free diets.  The person told me about a friend of hers who has a son with intestinal issues.  This kid is young and normal enough in the sense that he is ocassionally invited to birthday parties as most kids in elementary school are.  Well, my friend asked her mom friend what does her kid do when he goes to a playmates’ birthday party where there is sure to be non gluten free birthday cake, non gluten free ice cream, and other gluten-freeless goodies we all love to indulge in on the menu.  Mom says, “she contacts the parents hosting the party in advance and request that gluten-free items be made available at the party.”

What the heck?  Am I alone in thinking this mother is a little out of order when imposing her child’s diet limitations on the rest of the kids? I mean, who’s birthday is it anyway?  If my kid is invited to another child’s party or anywhere else, it is MY responisibility to make sure my kid gets what he needs, not anyone else’s.  He’s a guest, not the honoree and its the honoree who has the privilege of being catered to.  Most party hosts or hostsess make sure their guest are comfortable and feel welcome and never intend for anyone to feel left out, but it is almost always impossible to please everyone all of the time.

At the risk of sounding insensitive I suggest, if the party is being held at Chucky Cheese’s and your child doesn’t eat gluten,  pack a lunch or bring a gluten free pizza for your kid to enjoy? 

What is gluten anyway?

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