Too Much!!

A news story has been bothering me over that last couple of days.  It’s the one in the news about the 18 year old girl who sued her parents for support after she was kicked out or left her parent’s home on her own free will.  She was looking for them to continue to support her financially, so that she can keep up with the lifestyle she was privileged to have in their home. What bothers me is not that the teen attempted to “screw over” only the people who gave her life, but the father of her friend who was suckered into paying her legal fees to initiate the foolish claim. For me, it doesn’t matter whether she was put out or kicked up. 

I’m sure whatever led up to either scenario was a result of her entitled, spoiled, out of control behavior.  Sure her parents, perhaps created a monster, but how is the superman dad helping this young woman by helping her push the blame on her parents and not accept responsibility for her OWN selfish actions.  I don’t know about you guys, but when my mother spoke, whatever she said was the law of the land in her house if we wanted to eat and sleep there.  And I was cool with that, but my sister wasn’t and she was promptly “put out” too.

So her parents failed her by likely giving her everything she wanted, when she wanted it, and how she wanted it and now the two-headed monster is coming out now that they want to implement house rules.  But why does the friend’s dad further fail this girl by “gassing” her up and footing the legal fees.  By the way, he’s an attorney him.  Why not take her case pro bono, since you want to help?  Just a thought.

The judge was absolutely right in not affirming this ridiculousness and sending the message that just any kid can sue his parents and win if he doesn’t get what he wants.  Too bad “little miss” had to be publicly embarrassed to get the message her parents should have taught her when she was two and screaming for a popsicle before she had her dinner.

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