Who’s Responsible?

I know that I’ve been away for toooo long, but I was busy being “personally responsible”.

However, how could I not make a post about the latest developments in the news surrounding the influx of immigrant children flooding the US border unaccompanied by their parent or any adult supervision. I have to say first, my heart goes out to the children for whatever caused them to enter the United States illegally (abandonment, sex trafficking, threats from drug cartels, poverty). It’s sad. It is always the responsibility of the parent (s) to fend for their child. That is never going to change. That being said, how can I put it, It is not the responsibility of the American people to take care of these children. So why is the Obama Administration making taxpayers responsible??????


I get the need to practice humanitarianism, the moral obligation. However, there are a lot of ways to practice it, in this situation, without taking on the full burden of managing this crisis, like making their countries of origin responsible or at the least “billing” that country for the care and accommodations made on behalf of the refugees. I know what critics of this view will say, how would you like it if it were your family that was this desperate? In response I would ask, how many countries did most of these children migrate through before they reached the United States? Someone, the government of the other countries or some adult, helped them along the way. Guaranteed. The United States needs to reevaluate the complex it seems to have for being everyone’s hero.

It’s like an adult child constantly returning home to his parents for support. At some point, the parents have to practice tough love and say, “No. Not this time.” How else with that person learn to stand on his own? This doesn’t make the parents bad or cruel “un-humanitarian”. It helps make them person independent and strong.

What I’m about to say is sure to be unpopular, but what the hell? I don’t believe for one second that those who sent these children or the adults who breach the borders everyday only do it out of desperation. I would argue that most are taking advantage of the “faulty immigration laws” and humanitarian practices of this country. They know we will feed them, they know we will shelter them, and give them medical care, asking nothing in return.

If our government doesn’t hold those responsible to these children and their governments accountable, where will we Americans flee to when poverty infects our nation because we can no longer afford to care for our citizens because we’ve bled our coffers dry caring for another nation’s citizens?

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