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Who’s Responsible?

I know that I’ve been away for toooo long, but I was busy being “personally responsible”. However, how could I not make a post about the latest developments in the news surrounding the influx of immigrant children flooding the US

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Too Much!!

A news story has been bothering me over that last couple of days.  It’s the one in the news about the 18 year old girl who sued her parents for support after she was kicked out or left her parent’s

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What’s the price of minimum wage?

Don’t get me wrong.  I believe everyone should have equal opportunities to reach levels in life they’ve always dreamed of, but just because I believe it, doesn’t mean everyone will.  That’s unfortunate.  Many of you may have heard of the

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Your trash is not my treasure

Hi everyone, I apologize for the long time away.  I went away for the holidays and now I’m back.  It’s always good to come home, especially when you’ve been away for a while.  But one way to spoil a return

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Stop Apologizing

One of the greatest irritations I have with personal responsibility is when a person back tracks after a comment they’ve made or action they’ve taken becomes offensive to someone else.  I mean, if it really mattered to you how someone

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Tummy Ache

Yesterday I got into a discussion with someone about gluten free diets.  The person told me about a friend of hers who has a son with intestinal issues.  This kid is young and normal enough in the sense that he is ocassionally

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Basic Manners

I didn’t grow up with a whole lot of direction, especially when it came down to what is or isn’t proper to say or do.  Speaking when spoken to, please, and thank you were all covered. However, somewhere along the

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