Teachable Moment

My son, whom I love dearly, had to learned a valuable lesson yesterday.  I came home from work, exhausted as usual,  with a pizza for dinner that the kid had been asking for all week.  I also came inside carrying a bag filled with paper napkins, plates, and plastic spoons he told me he needed to supply for an event at school the following evening.  After he inspected the bag to make sure I got the items he wanted he said, “Okay, so now all I need are the sandwiches”.

I questioned, “Sandwiches? What sandwiches?”

He answered, “I signed up to bring sandwiches for the event tomorrow.”

“What?”  I replied.  “You didn’t say anything to me about sandwiches.  You said you needed plates, spoon, and napkins.  Where are you going to get sandwiches for 80 people?”

The fourteen year old said, “I’m just going to make ’em myself.”

The conversation continued from there with this honor student advising me that he planned to use the loaf of bread and lunch meats I purchased at the grocery store last weekend.  The bread and meat I bought for his school lunches.  He went on to tell me he didn’t think it was really that big of a deal.

Not that big of a deal?  Are you kidding me?  If I have to feed 80 people on my dime I think that’s a pretty big deal. 

I decided to share this story today because these days there are too many parents who would gripe about their kids doing something like this, but then turn around and rush out to buy what the kid needed in order to save them from any embarrassment for not fulfilling their obligation.  Not me.  Uh, uh. I advised my sweetheart that the only thing he would be bringing in to school is that bag of napkins, plates, and spoons he asked for.

He’s dealing with the consequences of his actions or lack thereof.  It’s called taking responsibility.



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You can only blame your parents for so long

Everyone has a sad story related to their unfortunate childhood.  Some are truly tragic , unsettling, and sorriful to say the least.  There’s tales of teenage pregnancies caused by trusted relatives, physically abusive parents, or abandonment.  Life can be completely unfair.  None of us asked to be here.  We certainly never asked to be born into the families we’re born to.  And what baby raises his hand at the chance to have a drug-addicted parent?  As awful as some of life’s circumstances are and can be, at what point will we stop blaming our childhood for what’s going on in our lives today?  I’ll tell you when.  Right now.  I won’t say “get over it”, but I will say, “live with it”.

We’ve heard, “life is about choices” and it’s true.  You have to chose the life you want.  Don’t allow a bunch of distasteful experiences choose for you.  Let’s not start the conversation with what your parents did or didn’t do to you.  What have you done for yourself?

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What has this society become?

What has this society become?

“The mentality of our society in 2013 is nauseating to me, friends,”

The blogger Stephanie Metz writes sooo accurately.  This society is shaping up to be one overrun with whimps.  That’s putting it as mildly as I know how.

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